“Tower of God”: How Strong is Anaak Jahad?

Hey guys, this is my first entry for Tower of God Archive — which is a discussion thread in this blog dedicated to Tower of God (both anime & webtoon). For sure, many people want to learn more about Tower of God story and the characters in it since we have its anime adaptation making a buzz in the anime community recently. In line with this, I will start this thread with a question that anime viewers like us have in common -How Strong is Anaak Jahad? Yes, she’s really leaving a great impression to Tower of God anime viewers because of her impulse and savageness, thus most of us want to know more about her.

Before I proceed with this thread, I would like to inform everyone that I might drop random spoilers here from the webtoon. If you don’t want to get spoiled I have to warn you not to proceed, if it doesn’t bother you at all, then let’s get a cup of coffee then and start our discussion.

Anaak enter the Tower in order to avenge her family who had been massacred under the order of King Jahad. Anaak real name was never mentioned but we could all assume that she is Anaak Jahad II. She is the daughter of the Jahad Princess Anaak Jahad (the original Anaak Jahad) and an unnamed father. Later on, their daughter used the name Anaak Jahad when she enters the Tower.

Jahad Princesses including her mother is not allowed to get married or have an intercourse in order to keep the power of King Jahad bestowed to them from spreading. However, her mother fell in love with a man and eventually went into hiding from the eyes of King Jahad.

Ever since her parents were killed by Jahad’s underlings, Anaak was filled with resolve to enter the Tower and get her revenge on King Jahad and anyone affiliated with him. This leads to her conflicting relationship with Endorsi who is a Jahad Princess during the start of the story.

How strong is Anaak Jahad?

With Anaak being a daughter of a Jahad Princess, this only means that a portion of King Jahad power also lives inside of her. This allows her to have enhanced strength and speed in combat compared to normal a Regular. In the entire story of Tower of God so far, Anaak is among those few Regulars with impressive physical strength, endurance, and resistance to blow.

Anaak can fight equal ground with Endorsi despite only having a portion of a Jahad princess power, while Endorsi is a pure-blooded Jahad princess.

In the webtoon, she was able to fight evenly against Khun Ran (a genius from the Khun family) in the Plug Event in the Workshop Battle. If I remembered right, Khun Ran vs Anaak Jahad was such a huge hit at that time of the story among the regulars at 30th floor of the Tower. We have to take note that she fought Khun Ran here who had consumed a Thunder Pill (which enhanced his fight ability at a short period of time). Though Anaak was put at a disadvantage, she didn’t waiver her resolve to fight and even face Ran head on and stand her ground against him despite her heavy injury. She was also able to send Novick flying back when she kicks the latter who is from the branch of the Ha Family.

It is also noted that her incredible willpower is one of the reasons that is giving her immense strength. This willpower too sometimes put her at a disadvantage so many times because it makes her impulsive. One such cases is with her fight against a ranker Lo Po Bia Ren who almost killed her in the Floor of Test.

Anaak can also improve her speed and reflexes even more with her Shinsu Enhancement Ability. She was also shown using at least 4 bangs of shinsu at once during the Tower of God Part II which proves her exceptional skills on shinsu since it is not easy to accomplish such feat among regulars.

Anaak was shown to be capable of using various weapons including the Green April (one of the 13 thMonth Series and she could even Ignite it. She could use Green April efficiently and fiercely in any battle, she even forced Phonsecal Laure unable to attack during the Crown Game when she Ignited the Green April. Well, Anaak Jahad in the Crown Game truly cemented our great impression about her strength as one of the best among her peers. If you want to learn more about the other strong regulars from her batch, you may check our post: The Strongest Regular Characters from Tower of God anime.

In the later part of the story, Anaak was able to use a steel spear which most E-rank Regulars couldn’t even lift, further indicates the growth on her physical strength.

Trivia about Anaak Jahad

Meanwhile, I would like to share some trivias about our favorite green-lizard here from the Tower of God:

Anaak was one of the top 5 strongest regulars when she was still an E-rank. The others are Endorsi Jahad, Khun Ran, Chang Blarode, and Varagarv.

Anaak seems to be attracted to Shibisu (since she was rather jealous when Shibisu was drooling over Endorsi in one occasion when the latter is fighting the bull). She also knows some of Shibisu’s past.

Anaak had a conflicted relationship with Endorsi. Despite of being older, Anaak was often tease by Endorsi as her niece as the latter been acting like an older sister figure to her.

Alright, I hope you guys had found this post a bit interesting to some extent. After Anaak Jahad, let’s look forward for the next person in our list for this Tower of God thread and that is my favorite sleepy boy — Phonsecal Laure as we discuss about his family background and his strength. You may also want to check our previous about the strongest characters from the Tower of God anime adaptation which was based from the first part of the webtoon.

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