Summer 2020 Chinese Anime Lineup — What shows to add in your watchlist?

Fog Hill of Five Elements (Wu Shan Wu Xing)

A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (Fan ren Xiu Xian Zhuan)

The King’s Avatar Season 2 (Quan zhi Gao shou 2)

Legend of Exorcism (Tian Bao Fu Yao Lu)

Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 9 (Jin Chen Xi)

Bureau of Paranormal Investigation (Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu)

Ling Long: INCARNATION Part 2

Release: July 31, 2020 | Studio: YHKT Entertainment — Dubbed as one of the most expensive Chinese anime of 2019, Ling Long: Incarnation is returning this 2020 for its 2 ndseason. The sci-fi CG animation first aired in August last year and gave us a fascinating science fiction story, paired with an amazing soundtrack. Now, Ling Long: Incarnation Part 2 had been listed as one of the2020 Chinese anime lineup from bilibili. Therefore, it’ll premiere on July 31 at bilibili.

Scumbag System

The Iland of Siliang (Deity Introspection)

A Will Eternal (Yi Nian Yong Heng)

Dragon Origin (Yuan Long)

The Furious Yama Season 2 (Da Wang Bu Gao Xing 2)

Cooking with Valkyries Season 2 (Nu Wu Shen De Can Zhuo)



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