So Pure So Flirtatious (Hen Chun Hen Aimei) Gets Chinese Anime Adaption

Hen Chun Hen Aimei (So Pure So Flirtatious) manhua or also known as An Ambiguous Feeling, or Very Pure Very Vague receives a donghua (Chinese anime) adaptation from Tencent and GARDEN. It was unveiled by Tencent during their 2021 Conference last August 8, where So Pure So Flirtatious was listed as one of its upcoming adapted works for the 2021–2022 Chinese anime lineup. It’ll follow the typical romance cliche in a Chinese anime, we have our male MC with his female harem with some superpower or supernatural plot involves a love triangle and some gangsters.

So Pure So Flirtation Donghua Overview

The manhua was written by You Lu Wenhua and illustrated by Dazui, with the original story credited to Yuren Erdai. It started publishing on February 2, 2017 and is still ongoing.

High school student Yang Ming is a typical underachiever. He gets into fights, skips class, and cheats on his schoolwork. When the school flower confronts him, he feels ashamed and wants to change, but he has fallen too far behind. However, by a stroke of fate, he ends up gaining a pair of contacts that allow him to change his visual perspective, completely altering the course of his future! [Source: Webnovel]

If you wish to read the manhua, you can check its official outlets here: Mangatoon, Mh1359, and Webnovel.

Animation Studio & Release Date

Where to Watch So Pure So Flirtatious?

Now, this is the type of harem donghua that I bet many fans of Japanese animation might want to check. Its story’s quite unique but also generic so I believed it’ll appeal to many donghua and anime viewers, especially those who prefer stories that are set in modern times compared to the much popular and often saturated cultivation and historical settings in donghua.

Originally published at on September 7, 2021.

I’m a piece of a lunatic and everything crazy. Nothing spectacular. I talk about anime and donghua.

I’m a piece of a lunatic and everything crazy. Nothing spectacular. I talk about anime and donghua.