My Top 5 Sports Anime Series of 2020

Hey guys, it’s your Yu-senpai once again and this time, I am back for the 4 thinstallment of my top list anime of the year by genre. With over a hundred anime series in my archives added this year from the seasonal lineup, it has been a fantastic experience for me despite how obnoxious and maddening and awful 2020 is. For anime fans like me, I always had anime to save me when life goes haywire and this time, I’ll talk about a particular genre that always inspires me even though I am not really into it, to begin with.

I am talking about the genre that many anime fans are quite familiar with, that is SPORTS. Yes, this time I am sharing my top sports anime of 2020 in this post, and believe me, some of these series go beyond what its genre could offer. Inspiring stories, motivating journey, victory, and heartbreaking losses, these were only some of the feelings that we can get from a sports anime and this year never comes short with such experience.

I have started sharing my list of top anime by genres a few weeks ago and I amadding my top 5 sports anime series of the year along with the following posts that you may want to check:

Alright, let’s stop the small talk and proceed with the actual list as follows:

Haikyuu!!: To The Top

Studio: Production I.G.

Ahiru no Sora

Studio: Diomedia

Chihayafuru 3

Studio: Madhouse

Iwa Kakeru!: Sports Climbing Girls

Studio: Blade

Gymnastic Samurai

Studio: MAPPA

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