List of Recommended Chinese Anime That You Should Watch!

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

The King’s Avatar

Soul Land

Psychic Princess

Rakshasa Street

Adorable Food Goddess

The Legend of Qin / Qin’s Moon

A real classic I must say, The Legend of Qin had been one of the revolutionary Chinese anime in the 21 stcentury, being given as the defining anime of Chinese 3DCG from Sparkly Key Animation Studio. If you want a Chinese anime that runs deeper than the rest, The Legend of Qin is your first choice as it currently has 5 seasons and over hundreds of episodes out there. The story is set in the warring-states of Ancient China and a boy whose destiny is to challenge the power of the Qin Empire. Interesting and unique characters, great fight scenes, and god-tier music — this donghua is seriously on a league of its own.

Qin’s Moon: Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens

This anime is a spin-off series to the main The Legend of Qin series. I have Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens as my 3 rdfavorite Chinese anime of all time, just behind The King’s Avatar & Mo Dao Zu Shi. The story took place almost 10 years before The Legend of Qin’s timeline took place in the Ancient Kingdom of Han and the growing tension between the other warring states. Some of the characters from The Legend of Qin appeared inNine Songs of the Moving Heavens. Quicksand (the villain group from The Legend of Qin) is the main protagonist in this prequel series. There are tons of amazing and interesting characters; the fight scenes are absurdly beautiful, while the story is more on political and military intrigue as opposed to the carefree and adventurous vibes of The Legend of Qin.

Fox Spirit Matchmaker

One of the most popular and longest-running Chinese anime in recent years with over a hundred episodes in its belt — Fox Spirit Matchmaker is a delightful combination of drama, romance, and action with various themes and topics all weaved together. This Chinese anime is among the most famous work from the Haoliners Animation League which animated Spiritpact, Flavors of Youth, and Hundred Demon Manual.

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

Originally a co-production between Chinese and Japanese animation companies, Hitori no Shita is a fun, hilarious and action-packed donghua. The most defining aspect of this anime is its amazing fight scenes. It currently has 3 seasons in its belt with Hitori no Shita anime season 3 premiered last April.

The Legend of Luo Xiao Hei

The Legend of Luo Xiao He is an independent and one of the most beloved Chinese short anime web series in recent years. With its popularity among Chinese fans, it received a prequel movie titled The Legend of Hei which was released in China and Japan last 2019. If you love Studio Ghibli works, I am pretty sure that you’ll find this donghua interesting and entertaining.

Full-Time Magister

Quanzhi Fashi — Oh dear, who wouldn’t fall in love with this one? Full-Time Magister aired almost in the same period as The King’s Avatar and anime fans had it among their earliest Chinese anime when donghua is rapidly gaining attention in recent years. The animation quality is average but, the story is like any shounen anime out there that people will surely bite. I love our main character Mo Fan here and his gang. The story could’ve been better but, amazingly, the anime was able to build that great connection between the characters and the audience which I believe is commendable.



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